ScissorFoxes 28 Nov 2023

Siren Thorn - Scissor Challenge 294


Once again, we filmed more videos with Siren Thorn and just like the last time, she is more lethal than ever before. In fact, not only did Siren make Jay foam at the mouth in this challenge (yes, you heard that right) but in these upcoming videos, she had him so terrified that he had to psyche himself up to continue. Siren is definitely not the biggest girl we've worked with, but her technique, her solid lithe muscles and her endurance all make her one heck of a dangerous combo. In this first release, Jay has to survive 10 long minutes in her figure-4 headscissor, which when done right, is completely excruciating. There are a few tricks to this hold in making it unbearable for the victim, and Siren is very well aware of all of them. If you're a fan of watching someone desperately gasping for air, while getting knocked out numerous times (6 to be exact) by a sexy Asian girl almost half his size, you've come to the right place. It's shocking to see just how mean Siren is, pushing his limits and barely giving him any breaks to catch his breath. As mentioned before, in the 5th KO, she holds it so long that our camerawoman Venus was concerned and had to inform Siren that Jay was foaming at the mouth. You'd think she would ease up but instead, she locks him in for another knockout, and this time, he wakes up in a frantic confused state begging to be released from this Figure-4 Hell. Highly recommended!

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MartialArtsLover43 7 months ago

Sire Thorn is beautiful... I love!

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