ScissorFoxes 10 Feb 2023

KO Girl - Prisoner of War 21


Are you ready to be pushed past your limits? KO Girl Kortney Olson is the military’s top trainer for Prisoners of War. After she’s done with you, you’ll be able to handle any pain they throw at you because nothing is more painful than being crushed like a watermelon between Kortney’s massive muscular thighs. Her vigorous scissor drills may seem inhumane (maybe because they are) but that’s what it takes to be the best. Her bodyscissors are excruciating, squeezing his torso like a tube of toothpaste. She even warns him that if he tries to get up, he’ll get knocked out. Speaking of which, she does put him out with a figure-4. Her thick calf muscle digs right into his neck as she props herself up. She then prepares him for her most lethal scissor, which she knows she’ll knock him out again. She sticks him in a reverse headscissor and counts down from 3 until he goes out. What can we say? She’s an expert and loves what she does. Who’s brave enough to be put through the test with KO Girl? Watch this video to see if you have what it takes.

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