gymnasium 19 Jul 2022

Athena2: Ripped Muscle Queen Domination

Laura Carolan shows you her dominant and aggressive side in her latest video here. She is returning from the gym and notices someone has been going thru her bag. She spots him hiding behind the couch and she is mad. She grabs him and throws him down on the sofa. . . all 225lbs of this 6'5 intruder. She then proceeds to show him her awesome ripped muscles, which seems to quiet him down. In fact, he is in awe of her muscles and asks to touch them which she allows him to. This muscle worshiping goes on for a while until he insults her at which point she grabs him again and this time throws him down to the ground pouncing on top of him with a schoolboy pin and then wrestling him around on the floor. Laura shows her trampling skills while having muscle worship performed and then proceeds to wrap this big guy up in impossible wrestling holds that he cannot break. Great School Boy Pins, front and reverse head scissors, body scissors plus some sexy face sitting, and then Laura goes topless and dominates her intruder further with some tease and denial breast smothering and touching. Laura teases and plays with her intruder in this topless part of the video, demanding him worship her awesome ripped physique . . .smother him with her hard pecs and boobs, reverse scissoring him, which is his favorite, and then showing him how strong she really is by arm wrestling him. He can't even take her down with two hands!!! She finally grows wiery of his presence so she knocks him out and walks away..!!

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