xteyg 04 Nov 2023

couple of fights grom "framed" with yukari oshima; AI upscaled


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michelbobby 9 months ago

I love that scene in the gym. Yukari Oshima's performance is just "dazzling". This scene is interesting in several aspects: 1/ Look at the heroine's sexy outfit. what we didn't see (or very rarely in the previous decade. let's not talk about the 60s); 2/ The sporty quality (the beautiful Japanese girl is absolutely not doubled) and martial quality is "a floor above" what was done before; 3/ So no lining; 4/ We don't hesitate to use an actress of Japanese origin, even though we are in Hong Kong cinema (don't forget the "anti-Japanese" character of Bruce Lee's films or with Angela Mao, for example). Because the only thing that counts is the quality of the actress. This is also true for other Japanese women (Michiko Nishiwaki for example) ; 5/ Take a good look at the end of the scene, once the guy collapses under Oshima Yukari's splendid kicks. He slowly collapses while holding on to a wall... on which are displayed photos of muscular and sporty women! This is the event of a new gene: the "Hyperfeminization" of Hong Kong Cinema where we will even see in some action films that ALL the roles are taken by The roles of vigilantes, the roles of nasty women, female colleagues... Some films will feature a dozen excellent martial actresses. The 80s and 90s will be, in my eyes, the golden years of Hong Kong cinema. For Women Action Heroes

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jp272727 9 months ago

Great conversion! one of the rare scenes where you can actually have a glimpse of Yukari's legs shape in action.
Not sure her thighs are visible in any of her movies.
I wish this software works for me as well, but no chance... I have to find an alternative AI upscalling software. T_T

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MartialArtsLover43 9 months ago

Thank you for this fabulous restored sequence from the Asian film "Framed" (1989). This fight between a girl dancer and expert in Martial Arts and a guy is a pure anthology scene in cinema widely classified as "Kung-Fu Films".
What a joy to be able to watch this fight in High Definition, a real treat.
Many thanks again!

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