ScissorFoxes 18 Nov 2022

Rage Shieldmaiden - Knockout Machine 10


After taking a little time off, Rage Shieldmaiden is BACK and just in time for our 10th Knockout Machine in which she knocks her victim out 10 times! Her thighs are some of the deadliest in the business, and she is the queen of trash talk, letting her prisoners know that escape is impossible and how much trouble they are in. "You're in Rage Land now" as she says it, and "you're going to be sent to dreamland". Some knockouts are quick and painless, some are more brutal, but what stands out is the scissor knockout from a swing. Rage has him in a classic headscissor and squeezes until he drops to the floor. She then swings over his body, saying how much she loves knocking men out. This poor guy looks completely dazed and confused, and after the 10th KO, she strikes a victory pose, stomps on his chest, sticks her foot in his face and orders him to stay down. Rage is certainly a Knockout Machine and is more than ready to show you in person. Are you brave enough?

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Roze1467 10 months ago

Wish that was me getting dominated by her

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robert3053 10 months ago

I would LOVE to do that with her

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