ScissorFoxes 03 Jun 2022

KO Girl - The Bounty Hunter 8


Can you imagine being hunted down by the one and only KO Girl? The only weapons she bears are her right and left legs, which feel like you’re being crushed by a car compacter. She actually pops his rib for real while squeezing him in a bodyscissor. You can actually hear a loud crack as she’s applying pressure. Kortney stops for a moment, realizing what she’s done. Unfortunately for him, she continues to punish him before turning him in to the authorities. She holds him in a standing headscissor while she ties his wrists behind his back. Now there’s no stopping her. She locks on her anaconda reverse figure-4 headscissors and tells him to tap his feet if he feels like he’s going out. He ends up tapping quite a few times as Kortney shows no mercy to this poor injured fugitive. In the end, she puts him in a front headscissor so she can stare her prisoner in the eye, making him tap a couple more times in fear of going out or worse. She then lifts him over her shoulder and carries him out with ease. Last we heard, KO Girl is looking for you next!

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Zweig 2 months ago

Welcome back, KO! Great job, Jay!

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