ScissorFoxes 03 Feb 2023

Skylar Rene - Oil Wrestling


Can you think of anything hotter than Skylar Rene glistening in oil and ready to wrestle you? Our first ever Oil Wrestling on ScissorFoxes match is so sexy, you’ll be wondering why it took us so long. Another first for our site is a schoolgirl pin knockout. Now, this takes a lot of thigh strength, but Skylar’s got that covered and then some. This is also the first time Eddie has ever done oil wrestling, and Skylar was more than happy to pop his cherry. At first, he’s very competitive and tries really hard, but she quickly wears him down, even holding a knockout in her lethal reverse headscissor extra long without noticing. He wakes up still locked in her incredibly tight hold. No amount of oil can prevent Skylar from locking a tight grip. This video has tons of great surprises and Skylar proves to be unbeatable once again. Tell us how you like it, and maybe we’ll host more oil wrestling matches in the future. Enjoy!

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