Goddess BBGRL
Goddess BBGRL 08 Jul 2024

Trailer: Absolutely Insatiable - 70 Minutes femdom!


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This is me... at my most sexually sadistic.

For over an hour... I facesit... scissor... edge... tease... deny... shove my feet in his face... fuck... and POWERFUCK my slutty sub.

I edge him relentlessly... with my hands... with my pussy... with my ass in his face... with his tongue in my asshole...

And for over AN HOUR straight... I deny his load... I deny his orgasm.

And every time he begs... it turns me on MORE. And it leads to 70 minutes of female domination, sexual sadism... and at the end... at the very end... after he's endured all of this teasing and fucking and edging...

I LEAVE HIM WITH BLUE BALLS... BLUER than my sexy victoria's secret lingerie.

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joeyvmc1 7 days ago

That song is bad ass to fuck to and she is so bad ass I would quit working and stay home for the rest of my life. That woman gives me chills . Not going to act like a big shot. She would rock my world just from that little clip OMG. And who knows the name of that song?

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13 days ago

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MartialArtsLover43 13 days ago

She is WONDERFUL, as always... Her partner is an absolutely lucky man!!!

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