ScissorFoxes 11 Oct 2022

Firestorm - Destroyer of Men 15


We can’t say it enough. Firestorm’s scissors are some of the most dangerous and they feel like you’re being crushed by steel vise grips. If you’ve watched her past videos, you’ve seen what she’s put Jay through over the years. She has some of the most panic and brutal KO’s (check out her ConTRAPtion) we’ve had on our site. In this semi-comp match, she shows absolutely no mercy and may have beaten her record for most panic yet. She also does an awesome knockout with a figure-4. She’s got Jay’s neck pinched so close that he’s flopping around like a fish, begging her to let him breathe. This is no exaggeration and in fact, Jay’s terrified whenever he has to do videos with her. The crazy thing is she seems to really like it and warns him every time that her legs keep getting stronger and stronger. This may be our last video with Firestorm but let us know if you’d like to see more.

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