ScissorFoxes 28 Oct 2022

Maxxi ManKillah - Scissor SAW IX


With Maxxi ManKillah back in the game, we thought we'd throw her in this year's Scissor SAW where only one person makes it out alive. Two strangers wake up trapped in a room completely tied up. A creepy voice informs them that the last one to live will get their freedom. Maxxi, being a new parent, won't let anything come between her and her child. Her maternal instincts kick in, and she completely destroys this guy the best way she knows how, with her lethal legs. She squeezes his neck so hard that his face starts to turn as red as his shirt. There's no way he's going to make it. She's got the python grip on him, and she's determined to win. She winds up knocking him out in the process. Then finally, after tenderizing his neck for so long, she manages to snap it multiple times, securing her freedom. She feels no remorse as she gets to see her baby again. It's a Happy Halloween!

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