ScissorFoxes 03 Sep 2021

Raven Wild - Xenia Onatopp Origin: Prison Break


Raven Wild takes the character of Xenia Onatopp to the next level in this origin story which depicts her breaking out of a Russian prison using her most dangerous assets. She lures a guard into her cell after secretly unlocking her ankle restraint with a pin she had hidden in her mouth. As he’s about to turn his back to her, she leaps into the air and wraps her big strong thighs around his torso, crushing his ribs while leaning back in a handstand. Xenia then kicks him away and immediately pins him down on the ground, applying an incredibly tight headscissor. Now he’s the one who’s restrained and must fight for his life and freedom. Xenia takes no mercy on him and unleashes a wave of bone crushing scissors. She gets so excited and turned on that she makes him scream out her name while putting him through excruciating pain. She even manages to knock him out with her scissors but it is far from over. Xenia takes too much pleasure in this and it doesn’t end until she has reached her climax. Using her famous bodyscissors, she breaks his ribs multiple times and then covers his mouth until he shows no more signs of life. This video truly demonstrates Raven’s captivating performance of one of may occurrences which Xenia Onatopp would have experienced before the events in Goldeneye. You don’t want to miss this!

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pussypower44 9 months ago

she's horny when she kill a army of strong men

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