xteyg 17 Nov 2023

fights from "ghost punting" AI upscaled


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Bebo_Xenon 8 days ago

sexy beautiful strong legs

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bart10573 16 days ago

I know she’s the villain but that woman in the blue dress, especially when she’s wet, is just too sexy. When she ties the dress around her killer leg it is so hot. Proving you don’t even have to be scantily clad to be sexy and show off her strength

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MartialArtsLover43 17 days ago


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michelbobby 17 days ago

Magnificent! Some Hong Kong films are characterized by many action scenes with female heroines. Sometimes others are distinguished not by the number but by the beauty of the scene that marks us forever. That's the case here: in this film, there are few scenes for us. But they are memorable. This woman "villain" that is perfectly illustrated with the presentation photo you put us (your introductory photos are, in general, excellent and memorable!). In a single photo we can see: 1/ That she is muscular ; 2/ Feminine; 3/ Dressed in a sexy way; 4/ Determined (Also look at the photo of how she ties her dress to better expose her legs, which are like "weapons"!); 5/ Gifted in martial arts (her leg technique and balance); 6/ She's not a usual star (Michelle Khan, Cynthia Khan, Moon Lee....) it's another one we don't know. What do these 6 points tell us? It's the symbol of this magnificent decade of Hong Kong cinema (late 80's to late 90's): women in action cinema will be like this: excellent, feminine and also we'll allow ourselves sexy and feminine outfits (not the pants of guys from the 60s and 70s!). And just like this actress, unknown until this film, we will always see new ones, in the company of more well-known female stars. This gives the impression of a "constellation of stars" like we will never see!

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