xteyg 26 Nov 2023

kim (scissorplanet) AI upscaled


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sickboy 7 months ago

Dam such a strong woman she can beat any man with her legs wtf?

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michelbobby 7 months ago

This video allows us, among other things, to see that the "leg scissors" are never the same! Not the scissor technique. But the way that catch is done and what it does for the opponent. Look, for example, at 0.40 at Kim's pose, her triangle scissors, and the attitude of the guy who turns red like a tomato and talks at times. I had never seen such a pose, and such a phlegm of the female wrestler. It's very well filmed, from above and three-quarters, which accentuates this impression of Kim's "quiet" domination. The man being totally at his mercy. A leg scissors when it's well filmed, well acted, and well directed: it's never the same!

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MartialArtsLover43 7 months ago


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