Lily 23 Feb 2021

Preview of Lily's Wrestling and Smothering Revenge


I challenged Eric to a wrestle but I had an agenda. The week before we had been watching a sports wrestling program on TV when the commentator said quite insolently that a girl couldn't beat a man. Eric found that quite funny and agreed with him and I decided I wanted revenge.I dressed for our match in a tiny lacy yellow mini dress with white lacy panties, a real girly outfit.

We start out introducing ourselves and then I pounce. First I trap him in a cross body pin and as he lays there under me I remind him of the TV show. Then I giggle at him and pin him for a three count to show him what a girl can do.I let him up and as he tries to rise I strike again grabbing his balls and squeezing hard. I laugh at his pain and while he's distracted get him into a tight reverse headscissor. His face is right up in my bottom and I pin his arms so I can pour on the pressure.I keep squeezing him tightly and as his face turns purple I let him know clearly that he is being beaten up by a girl.

He is utterly helpless and I keep squeezing until he nearly turns blue then I count him out again. This girl is determined to humiliate him.Next a reverse facesit smother with my big round girly bottom on his face and his nose right in between my bottom cheeks. This time I facesit and smother him until he submits then move to a ude gatame which is a wonderful hold for a girl to subjugate a man. Go Ronda!I make him tap out but keep going just because I can. I've perfected this hold and can keep enough pressure on to cause lots of discomfort and of course I just giggle.

Then I trick him into a sleeper hold and spend a couple of minutes gradually putting him to rest. Again I tease him the whole time.While he is out, I arrange him on the floor and then mount him. As he wakes up I tightly schoolgirl pin facesit him and keep on teasing him about being beaten up by a girl. There's close ups of his nose between my swollen pussy lips (beating him up is such a turn on) and I tease his face with my skirt.

I spend around six minutes with him stretched out, flat on his back as I sit on his face in a tight smothering schoolgirl pin and taunt him.Then I move a little further forward and wiggle his nose into my pussy, spread my big round bottom on his mouth and perform a perfect schoolgirl pin smothering facesit until he has had it. Revenge is sweet.

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wrestle2me 2 years ago

this milf knows the way

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