Lily 08 Sep 2020

A preview of "You Wanna Wrestle Me? Watch This!"


You wanna wrestle me?

You probably think you’d stand a chance, don’t you?

So, I’ve made a video showing you how I’d slowly and sexily beat you up if we wrestled. I’m dressed perfectly to teach you a lesson in sheer, shiny pantyhose with silky white panties underneath. While I’m beating up my victim, I’m going to look at you and taunt and tease you about what’s going to happen to you.

I start by taking him down in a side headlock. My strong, trained muscular arms make him groan as I squeeze his neck and take him to the floor. Then I sit on his back and disable his right arm with a twisting hammerlock. While he groans, I transition into a surfboard, sitting further forward on his back and punishing his shoulders until his moans make it clear he won’t be using his arms for a while. I slide forward and pin him by sitting on the back of his head while I flex my arms. You can see how big and strong my biceps and triceps are!

Next, I roll him over and sit heavily on his throat and love the rasping sounds this brings from him. More punishment follows as I sit on his face and then roll into a side headscissor. Some sexy torture between my thighs as I alternate headscissor and figure four until I knock him out by tightening my strong, pantyhose covered thighs around his neck. While I’m torturing him, I’m looking at the camera and taunting you, making it clear what a loser you’ll be!

When he’s out, I settle myself on his face for a nice, long facesitting smother. With my tiny pantyhose gusset covering his nose and my bottom on his mouth, I smother him until I knock him out. Then I wake him and immediately do the same. A double knock out! And of course, I’m looking at you, teasing you the whole time.

When he wakes, a roll to the side for a quick scissor knockout follows. That’s three knockouts in a couple of minutes. You can see what happens to my victim. Wrestle me and you’ll find out what it’s like, loser!

While he’s out, I arrange myself on his face with his nose in my bottom for a delicious reverse facesit smother, a perfect ass smother. Unable to breathe because my big, round bottom is covering his face, he taps out his submission while I giggle at him.

Then a long facesitting schoolgirl pin smother follows to finalise your lesson in what it’s like to be thoroughly and sexily beaten up by a woman. While I sit talking to you, my victim tries to tap his submission so I’ll let him breathe. I love this and you can see me look down into his eyes and shake my head.

For your final humiliation, I sit fully on my victim’s face and count him out. He is desperate for air as I slowly count to five, wiggling on his face as I do. His eyes are glazing when I finish and he has little fight left in him, just as you’ll be. To make it clear I’ve beaten him , I make him submit while I’m still sitting on his face and he’s still not breathing.
Now that is a situation that is an utter turn on for me, so I tell him I’m going to knock him out and use him as I do. You can watch exactly what I’ll do to you as I pin his arms inside my thighs while I sit completely on his face and have an absolutely delicious orgasm right on his face as I knock him out. You should replay this part of the video again so you can understand just how subjugated you’ll be when I smother you out while I cum on your face.

The video finishes with me looking you in the eye and challenging you to take your chance, you loser!

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bartos 10 days ago

thanks for this nice surprise Lily, you both rock!

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