ScissorFoxes 30 Jun 2023

Miss Jasmine - Canadian Girls Kick Ass 2023


Canada Day is upon us once again, and every year we feature one of our great Canadian girls to kick some ass. Miss Jasmine is by far one of the best and has one of the most videos on ScissorFoxes than any other of our models, and for good reason. Her sexy exotic look combined with some of the tightest scissors in not only Canada, but in the world, makes her a top choice for any scissor addict. She gets better looking and stronger with age, and we just love working with her. Check out this high intensity match which showcases Miss Jasmine's incredible knockout skills and perfectly toned body wearing Canadian gear. At one point, she asks if he can sing the Canadian anthem, then makes him hit the high note by crushing him relentlessly. She makes him panic so much and for long periods of time, while she looks at the camera and laughs, enjoying every second. She manages to knock him out 6 times, some of them back-to-back. Miss Jasmine is a true Canadian Kick Ass Girl and if you're lucky enough to be trapped in her scissors, she'll have you seeing maple leafs as she puts you to sleep. Happy Canada Day from the ScissorFoxes team!

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