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Mrs Mitchell Smothers The Man From Head Office preview


Here's a preview of :
Silky white panties, silky white lace-edged petticoat, lacy suspenders and sheer silk stockings. Mrs. Mitchell’s back with an important head office visitor who gets to hear her tell him, “On the floor on your back. I’m going to sit on you.”

He’s just given Mrs. Mitchell and her branch a top appraisal and says it’s a mystery to him how they are always the top branch of the company. She says that she can’t let it be a mystery so she’ll show him and points to the floor and tells him to lie down.

Next thing, he’s lying on his back with Mrs. Mitchells ultra-soft silky white panties pressing into his chin, her soft warm thighs on his cheeks and her knees pinning his arms as she sits on him in a classic panty schoolgirl pin right there on the floor. He protests, “I don’t understand,” and she softly laughs and says, “I’m going to sit on your face.”
Then she moves forward and takes her time settling her bottom on his mouth and wriggling her pussy onto his nose so that it pushes into the silky gusset of her panties.
When she can feel his nose unable to breathe between her pussy lips and his mouth pushing the soft silky seat of her panties into her bottom and she’s satisfied she’s smothering him, she reaches down and arranges her lace edge petticoat right in front of his eyes so his whole world is layers of her soft silky white lingerie around his face and in his vision. And, of course he can feel her damp feminine softness through the fine silk gusset of her panties.

With his arms tightly pinned under her knees, he is trapped in a perfect smothering schoolgirl pin and he’s going to find out what Mrs Mitchell does to her colleagues that makes them work so hard. She sits fully on his face and smothers him while amusing herself teasing his face with the lacy edge of her white silky petticoat, gently wriggling her silky panty gusset on his face as she does.

He attempts to move his arms, so she lets him know that’s not acceptable and puts them up by his head then tightly holds them in place with her thighs. She taunts him as she does and because her knees are on the floor, she can settle her pussy deeper on his face which you can see in a lovely closeup in the movie. Now he’s even more trapped in her smothering schoolgirl pin and the soft silky gusset of her panties completely prevents him from breathing.

But she’s not finished with her demonstration and turns around to do a reverse smother with his face absolutely buried in her silky panty covered bottom and his wrists grapevined in her ankles so he can’t move. The video clearly shows how deeply his face is buried between her bottom cheeks and it’s obvious that his nose is as far in her bottom as it can get. She leans back and looks over her shoulder down at him just to subjugate him while she stops him breathing with her pussy and bottom.

When she can feel that he’s absolutely beaten, she turns around again and sits forward on his face in a very tight smothering schoolgirl pin. Once she’s taken her time to arrange her pussy on his nose and her bottom on his mouth, she ensures her lacy petticoat is once more in his line of sight and settles fully on his face to utterly smother him. He’s too weak to resist and she is a little aroused so her dampness makes sure he can’t breathe.

She tells him she has one more thing to show him and tightens her thighs against his arms making them useless, wriggles down even further on his face and looks down into his eyes and asks, “Can you move?” He shakes his head and she asks, “Can you breathe?” Another shake of the head and a pleading look with his eyes and she softly laughs and says, “Now I’m going to knock you out.”

He tries to struggle and makes little muffled noises into her pussy but she has him expertly pinned and is sitting absolutely completely on his face so she just wriggles her pussy and bottom on his face while looking down into his eyes and smiling at him until he’s knocked out.

Then she moves back and lets him get some breath and come to. When he does, she softly gloats, “There, there’s no mystery at all. I’m glad I could clarify things for you.” As he tries to talk to her, she dismounts him and firmly says, “I think you have a meeting back at head office, so you should get moving….. Off you go.” He mumbles yes and sits up to leave.

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Casey 5 months ago

Wow Lily, this is so awesome, i did buy this also, as a lot of your video's.

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Casey 9 months ago

Wow Lily, fantastic video again, you know how much i like this, helplessly be pinned down by a beautifull woman in a nice skirt, underskirt, suspenders and stockings, nice greatings, Casey.

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Snaik73 9 months ago


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