ScissorFoxes 25 Jan 2022

Pamela Strong - Pressure Gauge: Stronger Than Men


This Pressure Gauge video is like no other and will blow your socks off. First off, her opponent is scared and refuses to participate in the video until Pamela flips him onto the ground and locks him in a scissor until he complies. She then completely destroys him with some fast paced wrestling but still announcing while increasing the pressure at times. It’s a semi-comp meets Pressure Gauge and it’s fantastic! Between the take downs, the kicking, the knees, the punching, the brutal scissors with at least 4 knockouts, you’ll soon realize, as most do, that Pamela is stronger than most men and is ready to take them on. This sexy girl is feisty and is known to have some insanely strong legs. No one could survive 100% of her power. After her final knockout by reverse headscissors, Pamela strikes a victory pose, flexing all of her muscles and then sits on his face. What a perfect end to an outstanding ass kicking.

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lopov 2 months ago

No real ko-s. That male model Zacharia is a sham.

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