Zweig 07 Jan 2020

Sheena's signature hold


Sheena pulls off another vicious ankle choke in a competitive mixed onslaught ->

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sb169898 2 months ago

Great stuff but not long enough. My old girlfriend learned a few holds using her feet. There was one that kind of was like the one in the video. I was never able to get out of that hold ans Kaki would just let me struggle for a while before she tightened the hold which almost immediately became incredibly painful and took all the fight and strength out of me. That hold kind of scared me because I realized that if she wanted to she could tighten the hold just a little more and strangle me to death . Of course that's true of alot of holds but this one was different.

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jack2023mad 11 months ago

She can break his neck easily and put her foot on his face after that

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Ronaldo 2 years ago

She is amazing

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Blobfish 3 years ago

Yes, it's her signature hold and she can break his neck

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conda 4 years ago

Excellent finisher

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