ScissorFoxes 14 Jun 2022

Rage Shieldmaiden - Destroyer of Men 10


When Rage destroys men, they’re lucky to be alive afterwards. Seriously, this is by far one of the most insane one-sided competitive matches we’ve ever seen. Her opponent barely has a chance to bat an eye. She’s all over him, conquering him like a true warrior. It’s a complete massacre. She stomps, punches, slaps, crushes, smothers and pretzels him. He taps out so frequently, but she often ignores him, which he then starts begging and crying. She is just so mean but makes for great entertainment. Her trash talk and dominance is so natural to her. At one point, she wipes the sweat off of her body using her hands, then sticks them in his mouth. “Taste it” she says as she holds him tightly between her thighs. As she sits on his face and jiggles her bum, she says: “You know there’s no escaping my ass.” There are so many incredible moments, you’ll be begging to see her destroy another man like this. Highly recommended!

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