ScissorFoxes 18 Mar 2022

Mistress Amazon - Only 3 Seconds Between Knockouts!


Mistress Amazon’s last video was a huge hit and kick started our best selling series “Knockout Machine”. We didn’t know how they would top their last video but they definitely did. They took it to the next level. Not only are there 8 of the most brutal knockouts we’ve seen but she keeps him out for most of them for about 40 seconds (47 seconds was the longest). But wait, there’s more! Mistress Amazon only allows him 3 quick seconds to recover between knockouts before locking him between her big thick thighs and putting him out again and again. It is completely insane! We strongly advise not to try this with anyone as it can probably lead to health issues. How her victim is still able to construct a full sentence is beyond us. All we know is this is the type of scenario that most of us scissor lovers fantasize about getting done to us but would never see it through. Luckily there are people crazy enough to do it for our enjoyment. Feel free to check out her other videos on their store. Her links are posted on her ScissorFoxes profile page. Hopefully we’ll host more of their videos on our site. Who knows what they’ll come up with next? It will be hard to top this one that’s for sure.

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