AfroWrestling 23 Mar 2024

AW010 Maureen vs Faith – Desperate smothering showdown (facesitting domination)


Suffocating showdown!
In the thrilling world of Afrowrestling, where each match promises adrenaline-pumping action. Today, it’s Maureen versus Faith, two formidable ebony warriors ready to engage in an intense battle that will leave you breathless – quite literally.
This isn’t your typical topless bout; it’s a smothering showdown, where every ounce of body weight is weaponized to deprive the opponent of precious air.
Hands, bellies and yes, even breasts, become tools of cruel suffocation in this high-stakes confrontation.

Desperate frustration
The tension is palpable as desperation, hysteria, and frustration hang heavy in the air, transforming the mats into a crucible of emotion. It takes over 10 gruelling minutes before the first point is scored, signalling the beginning of a no-holds-barred struggle.
Despite fierce resistance from her opponent, one fighter manages to emerge victorious fueled by sheer determination and relentless effort.

Facesit domination
The final smothering serves as a testament to her unwavering resolve and unyielding dominance. As she poses triumphantly foot smothering and facesitting her nearly vanquished adversary, it’s clear that victory is hers – and she intends to assert her superiority until the very end.
If you’re a fan of intense smothering action, this match is a must-buy.

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