Smax Arena
Smax Arena 16 May 2022

Erotic Oil Wrestling #1 - Teaser


Sonia is caught speeding and running a stop sign. Officer Stone pulls her over and issues a citation for a traffic violation. Things get really heated as Sonia argues that she made the complete stop. As they argue with heated exchanges in attitude, Sonia proposes to settle this in an oil wrestling match. Officer Stone accepts. Will Sonia be able to avoid the ticket or will she get fucked? or both? Sensationally sexy and skilled Sonia Harcourt takes on the Jersey stud Gunnar Stone. The first featurette of the Male vs. Female Hardcore Erotic Oil Wrestling series makes this wet and slippery match scorch your fantasies.

Starring: Sonia Harcourt, Gunnar Stone

SMAX ARENA is your place for the hottest fantasy-mixed erotic wrestling with hardcore action. We create male/female mixed wrestling video series for your viewing pleasure.


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