lolokmn 18 Feb 2024

Female puts a male in her headscissors trap till death


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jp272727 2 months ago

This scene is in my top 3 of movies scenes.
It have everything.
Merciless woman playing with her victim. in a slightly seductive way. panties/skirt stuff... Great headscissors hol, riding dominant position, intense feeling, final neck breaker. And she kind of overkill him by snapping a bit more his neck after destroying him.
Only bad point to me (not a big one) would be better without this music.
Also, she could wear an actual sexy underwear instear of this generic stuff. also the girls could have better curves. More defined legs muscles.
But overall it's absolutely perfect.

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videvan 2 months ago

Women's legs are deadly weapon and schoolgirl pin is fatal !!!!

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Zweig 2 months ago


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