ScissorFoxes 20 Jun 2023

Kim Biceps - Destroyer of Men 22


We’ve had our eye on Kim Biceps for quite some time, and she is now finally on ScissorFoxes. Kim is in amazing shape and has one of the sexiest booties in the industry. Could you imagine being trapped in her reverse headscissors, forced to stare at that amazing sculpted ass? Let’s not forget to mention her muscular biceps. After all, it’s why they call her Kim Biceps. We urge you to check out her Twitter pics as you will see what an incredibly sexy woman she is. This wrestling match is fast-paced, competitive and simply amazing. Kim is very fast and extremely strong, easily dominating her male opponent while urging him to try harder. He does try and manages to get his legs around her, engaging in a double scissor lock, but in the end, Kim is victorious. Her legs crush his neck so hard, he has no choice but to let go. She makes him submit multiple times and almost knocks him out on many occasions. Kim Biceps is truly amazing, and we can’t wait for you to see this video. Enjoy!

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