ScissorFoxes 17 Jan 2023

Rapture - Destroyer of Men 18


Rapture is one hell of a strong woman. When trapped in between her thighs, you feel so completely helpless. In this intense semi-comp match, her opponent Kris really tries to fight Rapture and avoid her scissors, but she is just a beast and an expert at man-handling. She completely destroys him, treating his neck like her personal thigh master, smothering his face with her breasts and flexing those beautiful biceps of hers. If he’s not tapping, he’s napping. Rapture crushes him mercilessly between those pillars of steel. The reverse headscissor knockout towards the end is quite impressive as she mounts his shoulders while he’s sitting up and locks on so tightly, her leg muscles simply explode of power. Rapture strikes a victory pose and proves to the world that she is clearly a Destroyer of Men!

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