Lily 09 Nov 2020

Lily the Judoka Strikes Again Preview


I am watching judo on TV when my man laughs at a female judoka applying various holds and getting a submission. I decide he needs to be taught a lesson and challenge him to fight me in our back room. If he wins I will wash his car and if I win he has to worship my feet.

Mmmmmmmm He does not stand a chance and I beat him up and make him submit throughout the whole fight. I use several versions of sankaku and take him right up to where his face turns purple and then hold him there, not letting him submit until I am ready. In one of them I end up with him completely immobilised, his arm and head caught in the triangle of my legs. I am sitting up on his head causing him great pain and smothering him with my thigh as I sit there. I certainly take my time letting him submit in this one!

Next I get him in a brilliant jigoku jime and really taunt him about how I could knock him out. What a wonderful looking hold this is and I hold it on him way past when I should. A straight armbar or udi gatame brings him grief in several ways. First I make him suffer and prolong it not accepting his tapout and just keeping him on the edge for a while. Wow I love doing that, watching him lie there unable to move in case I increase the pressure.

Then while he is in the armbar I make him lick my feet while I continue causing him pain. Now that dominance makes me hot, wet and horny. We end up with my completely beaten victim flat on his back and me sitting on his stomach leaning back on his bent legs with my sweaty, smelly feet in his face while he licks them clean and sucks on each toe to make me feel good.

It will be most interesting next time we watch judo!

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Lily 2 years ago

Thank you, videvan. xxxx

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videvan 2 years ago

Lily , you are SUPER !!!

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