jobberboy 12 Aug 2020

Lana Luxor vsJB


The ebony goddess Lana Luxor takes on JB. Lana, looking stunning in a pink thong bikini, uses her BJJ skills to destroy JB. Lana quickly takes control of JB from the start and puts him in a full nelson rubbing his face on the mat. She pulls him into her guard and applies a chicken wing that leaves him tapping immediately. The tie up again and Lana damages JB's arm again. She throws him into the wall and butt bumps him mercilessly. She uses knees, a surfboard, and a camel clutch to weaken her opponent and eventually defeats him with a sleeper. She then pins him in a humiliating matchbook pin face sitting him the entire time. This is a one of the most brutal beatdowns of JB that we have ever seen. Fans of one sided squash matches will love this one! The full video is available on or send a message.

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