ScissorFoxes 26 Jul 2022

Mistress Amazon - Extreme Knockouts


Mistress Amazon loves to keep her male victim out for long periods of time. Some may even say that he may be at risk of permanent damage, but only time will tell. The first knockout by figure-4 is held for a total of 44 seconds before she finally lets him go. The next is a side reverse which luckily she lets him go after about 10 seconds. Fianlly, she applies her reverse, which by the size of her thighs, you can tell he’s in big trouble. As Mistress Amazon starts to apply pressure, her trapped victim starts to panic and tap violently, but this doesn’t stop her. She keeps squeezing until his body starts doing unvoluntary movements and she knows he’s out for good. She keeps him out for about 32 seconds, then finally unleashes him. She only gives him a few seconds to recover, then locks him back up for one last squeeze. It’s a miracle this guy is still alive.

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robert3053 2 months ago

Can we get a hold of these ladies?

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