ScissorFoxes 05 Mar 2021

Megan Jones - Pressure Gauge: Skull Crusher!


This is Megan’s 2nd Pressure Gauge and she made sure to leave an impression on her victim and her fans. She knocks him out in almost every single scissorhold. There’s a total of 6 KOs (possibly 7) in this demonstration of power. Megan warns him before it even begins that he should be scared, and then locks him in the first headscissors. After being knocked a few times in various holds, she asks him if he had done his research before coming and should have expected nothing less. Her thick thighs were made to crush skulls and you can tell that she loves doing it. His grunts and moans put a smile on her face. By the last scissors, she’s pretty much timed out exactly when he’s about to go out. Now that’s talent and certainly something you should keep in mind if you ever mess with the famous Megan Jones. As she said, he should have known better when he volunteered to do a Pressure Gauge that he was in BIG trouble.

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