Lily 01 Dec 2020

A Preview of Lily Wrestles Her New Neighbour


My new neighbour has asked me if he can borrow a roll of tape. I was about to practice some wrestling moves for flexibility and he comments on my mats. When I explain that I am a lady wrestler he is very dismissive and I challenge him to wrestle me there and then. Being a cocky man, he agrees. We set that the winner must make the other submit and must also pin them for a ten count. Mmmmm I can feel a nice long, facesitting, smothering pin coming up. I am wearing silky white panties under ultra sheer, shiny pantyhose, a perfect combination for feminine superiority.

I want to teach him a lesson so I overpower him from the start with a tight, painful side headlock. I keep him off balance and taunt him in the hold before riding him down to the ground and converting to a hammerlock. This is the perfect hold to virtually disable his arm making him an easy victim. I am so going to beat him up! He is forced to submit before I dislocate his elbow and I grab his other arm and put him in a surfboard. There he is on his belly with me sitting on his back riding him.

I increase the pressure and as he moans I bring my legs up and wrap them around his arms in a variation of the lotus lock. Now he moans in pain as I tighten the hold bringing his arms in and straining his shoulder blades. He’s helpless and he knows it and I’m just sitting there torturing him. What a turn on and I’ve only just started! I humiliatingly make him tap and drop his arms to the mat.

While he groans in pain and lies there with useless arms, I go to work on the other end and hoist his legs up in a Boston Crab. This is such a dominating hold and is perfect to get a submission. How humiliating for a man his size to be bent over backward by a woman who is riding his back and stretching his legs and spine. Grrrrr I get wet thinking of it. Needless to say I bend him until I force another submission from my hapless victim.

I quickly flip him over on his back and while he’s still groaning from the pain in his legs I get him in a beautiful combo hold with his left arm in a figure four over his head which I have in a headlock with his other arm trapped under my legs. He is utterly helpless and unable to move as I twist his wrist making him groan in pain. My face is right over his and I taunt him about him losing while I push my breasts into his face to smother him at the same time. Again, I force a submission from him but drag it out to humiliate him.

I let him go and immediately mount him in a reverse smother and grab his wrists to keep him helpless. I settle my bottom down on his face and am rewarded by hearing him trying to breathe. With my weight on his nose and mouth he can’t breathe and is forced to submit yet again. But there is no relief for him and I transition to a reverse headscissor and as I tighten my thighs around his head, I pin his wrists. This is one of my favourite holds as he is completely pinned and helpless and I can tighten my thighs and knock him out if I want. He can’t do a thing but lie there as I taunt and torment him. I pulse my squeezing so that his head is buzzing and I know from experience that he is becoming glassy eyed. I keep him on the edge like this and then make him submit only this time he has to kiss my bottom to acknowledge my superiority.

To further humiliate him I set him up in a side headscissor and taunt him some more before tightening up and knocking him out. While he’s out I mount him in a front facesit and pin his arms so I can continue humiliating him when he wakes. He comes to and sees the tiny gusset of my pantyhose move onto his face to smother him before he can recover. Then follows a lovely long facesit while I look down into his eyes and taunt him and remind him of how I’ve beaten him. I put him through a ten- count pin, sitting with his nose pushing into my pussy as I tightly pin his arms, to show him I’ve beaten him. He is absolutely beaten and broken now and I make him admit I’m better than him.

He thinks he's about to be set free but instead I tell him I’ve not finished with him and want to show him how quickly I can knock him out. His eyes widen in fear and as he moans “No”, I roll him into a side headscissor again and immediately tighten the hold and within a few seconds he’s out again. What a way to end a wrestling match!

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