ScissorFoxes 01 Aug 2023

Maxxi ManKillah - Destroyer of Men 23


Maxxi loves to take charge and make a man squeal between her lithe, athletic legs. Don't let her size fool you, as you would be greatly mistaken, and she'll have you begging for mercy while she laughs at you. Her legs dig in your neck like steel cables, pressing down on the arteries, ready to put you out at any given time. Her arms are just as lethal, and she puts the sleep in sleeper hold any chance she gets. In this semi-comp match, Maxxi manages to knock her opponent out 4 times while dominating him physically and verbally. She is extra bratty in this match and quite cocky. She knows she'll get him trapped between her scissors one way or another, and when she does, it's game over!

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7 months ago

warning...rrr...when she's getting men survive from her savage girly pleasure...mmm...

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