elph13 14 Apr 2023

Old video karate domination

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ILoveTKDGirls 7 months ago

I love this old video! It's my favorite type of female domination. Female is in a karate gi, male is either in casual street clothing, in boxing outfit or in this case in a burglar outfit. He even has a weapon, but it's no match against her skill. She uses her karate knowledge of a true black belter to wipe the floor with him using kicks and punches. Put him in a headlock a few times to drain his stamina then continue the beatdown with more barefoot kicks. Finally, when the man is at his limit finish him off with two stunningly beautiful kicks to knock him out for good.
I just love this video, it's so perfect. She gets interrupted of her stretching, absolutely destroys the guy with her barefoot kicks, then goes back to her stretching.

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