Lily 26 Jun 2023

Sexy Judo Training Session Preview


I’m an undercover agent who specialises in interrogation. Today, I’m training a class of female agents on how to make a suspect talk using intimidation and seduction through sexy judo and wrestling holds. I have a male agent who has volunteered to be my suspect. Unfortunately for him, he told the class that no woman could ever make him talk and I am going to make him eat his words, after he talks, of course!

Starting by throwing him on his back in a kneeling hip throw, I quickly sit on him in a schoolgirl pin to show him my strength. Then I dismount and before he can react, I flip him over in waki gatame and twist and torment his right arm and wrist. I tell him to tap when he submits and is ready to tell me what I want to know, then apply pressure to his arm and wrist and he’s soon moaning and tapping.

My assistant is quickly rolled onto his back and into ude gatame or vertical armbar on his left arm. More pressure and while I taunt him, he’s in pain and tapping, ready to blab! He’s certainly learning how good a woman can be at interrogating a man. Hadaka jime or rear naked choke follows and I don’t allow him to submit as I knock him out just so I can terrorise him! See the colour of his face as he slumps.

While he’s out, I slip my gi pants off to start the seductive side of the interrogation by sitting on his face in my silky black panties and as he wakes, I demonstrate a side headscissors to break his will even further. I alternate with a figure four and show my class how to tightly squeeze his head or neck while smothering him in my pussy at the same time. Even though he taps to submit, I continue to a knockout to keep demoralising him.

He comes to with me sitting on his chest in a schoolgirl pin as I begin to demonstrate a particular favourite of mine, the double ude gatame. I start with one arm and pour the pressure on to get a quick submission, then make him give me his other arm so I can hurt it too. How demeaning and this is the man who said no woman could make him talk. If he was an enemy agent, I’d have every bit of information I wanted, and I’m not finished.

I let him loose before taking him in a rear headscissor with my strong pantyhose covered thighs around his head squeezing until he moans and taps and moans and taps while I laugh at him. He knows he’s in a lot of trouble and without loosening my thighs, I transition to the always satisfying and very sexy sankaku jime, which allows me to lock his head and arm in the triangle of my thighs and calf and with my pussy pushing on the back of his head, he is very compromised and at my mercy.

 Mercy? Hah! I have a deliciously sexy time gradually tightening up the triangle and as he taps pleadingly on my thigh, I softly laugh and knock him out. When he wakes again, I pin him in a combination kesa gatame or scarf hold and a wristlock for some sexy torment. I’m lying on top of him with my breast pressed into his face, one arm painfully trapped between my thighs and the other being manipulated in the wristlock.

His submission is ignored again and I move around into a very sexy ending to my demonstration by pinning his damaged arms under my shins and sitting on his face in my very damp black panties. This delicious ultra-sexy schoolgirl pin smother is the perfect way to show my class of female agents how to end their interrogation of their suspect by humiliating him as I use his face for a well deserved orgasm of victory while I gloat on top of him.

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Lily 7 months ago

Thank you, Heyyou. You certainly would do anything I wan you to do.

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Lily 7 months ago

Thank you, Bebo.

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Heyyou 7 months ago

U are incredible !
I would like so much to be the one who’s trying to resist you but I know that you would make me talk

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Bebo_Xenon 8 months ago

lucky gut to be trapped between those sexy thighs

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