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This match is a match that has been sponsored and therefore it is at this price for the future months to respect customers who order an exclusivity.

You can buy it now at this price to support xena production or wait a few months to get it cheaper. Do you want to see a game with total imbalance? This one is for you! XENA is wearing a very high-cut black and white bodysuit and Magda is also wearing a bodysuit, but it is blue with sequins. At the arm wrestle, XENA just plainly humiliated and demolished MAGDA like she was a little kid. XENA extremely sexy, gorgeous, those muscular arms and shoulders contract while Magda struggles with her 2 thin little arms to try a few things… in vain… Magda can't even beat XENA with her 2 arms against just one of XENA's, she's so strong! At the end of the match XENA goes ahead and she taunts Magda by smiling and mocking her orally for being too bad and everything as well as too skinny. The warrior princess will master her opponent as if she were a puppet! Magda will type a lot of times! XENA taught him a good lesson!!! The pretty little magda has really tried everything in both arm wrestling and wrestling! A real swing but … in vain …! XENA will give her opponent several possibilities, she will even fight with her eyes closed and will leave with disadvantages... In this match bcp of rnc, head scissors, body scissors, chokes… In this match a bonus of 100 € is at stake for the two participants, if magda scores Would it only be a point she could win this bonus..

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