Lily 03 Jan 2021

A Preview of Judo Submissions and Knockouts


He is a judo sceptic and doesn’t think a woman could make a man submit with a judo hold. I put him in ude gatame and quickly make him submit but because I think he’s not fully convinced, I pour on the pressure and make him submit again and again. Eventually, when he’s furiously tapped out while moaning in pain, I let him free.
I get off him and as he tries to get up, he mumbles that he let me. I react by grabbing his other arm and quickly put him in kimura, a very painful double wristlock which puts huge pressure on the shoulder and elbow. Now, he doesn’t know that I love beating up a man and when I do, I like to practically disable him in each hold and get multiple submissions.

I explain the hold to my victim and then crank up the pressure. He immediately and frantically submits and I just patronise him and keep the hold going. He starts to writhe and taps again but I give him no mercy and get yet another submission before I free his arm. Now, both of his arms are helpless but I’m going to really teach him a lesson.
As he tries to get up, I take him in hadaka jime or RNC and kneel behind him and immediately start applying pressure to his neck, taunting him as I do. The poor big, strong man has a woman behind him, controlling him and taking him close to knock out then holding him there so she can tease him. By the time I’m finished with him, he’ll know who the alpha female is.

I get a number of submissions from him and just when he thinks I’m going to let him go, I laugh and tell him I’m going to knock him out. His face changes colour as I savagely tighten the hold and he splutters and rasps then slumps. I just love doing that to a man!

While he’s out, I take my gi pants off so he can get a very good idea that a woman is methodically beating him up. He starts to wake with me sitting on his throat in my ultra-white cotton panties, making fun of him. As he tries to clear his head from being knocked out, I move forward and sit on his face then roll into a side headscissor. This is not strictly judo but is such a sexy, dominant hold that I had to slip it in.

Now he is trapped with his face pressing into my panty gusset and my strong thighs wrapped around his neck. As I squeeze his head very tightly his face starts to go purple and he desperately tries to breathe through my panty gusset but to no avail. I have him in the perfect neck squeeze and smother! When I finish tormenting him, I look him right in his eyes and tell him I’m knocking him out again. While he moans in pain and fear, he can feel the gusset of my panties becoming damp as he’s knocked out.

This time he comes to with me rubbing my feet on his face as I settle into juji gatame or crossbody armbar. I’m doing this purely to torment him and break his spirit as he’s made to lie there while a girl keeps beating him up. To add to his discomfort, I wrap my feet around his throat and squeeze while I hyperflex his elbow. Making him submit is always a turn on for me so I make sure he submits several times while I finish his arm. He won’t be able to use it for a long time!

He’s utterly beaten and moaning his submission when I let his arm go but being a sadistic woman, I tell him I’m not finished with him and sit on his throat again to tease him. Now I put him in my favourite submission hold, sankaku jime. He’s quickly locked in place with my legs tightly wrapped around his neck, his right arm up beside his head locked in there too, and my left foot locked behind my right knee.

With my damp pussy pushing into the back of his head and my strong, silky thighs holding his face, this is an amazingly sexy hold, at least for me. He can barely breathe, his neck is being squeezed and pushed to an unnatural angle by my thighs and he can’t move his upper body at all. He is completely at my mercy and he knows it. I keep him in this leggy prison and make him submit several times, then tell him I’m going to count to three and knock him out. This is the third knockout for him and he pleads with me not to. All that does is make me incredibly horny as I tighten the hold and listen to him gurgle as he’s knocked out again.

I finish very satisfied that I’ve taught him a lesson.

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