Lily 10 Sep 2020

Preview of "Triple Smother"


He’s having a leisurely barbecue with his mates and they’re settling in for a long afternoon of drinking and catching up on old times. Suddenly, she walks in, slams the door and tells him to get rid of them, now! Rather than cause trouble with her, he does as he’s told. Then she makes him lie on the floor; she owns him and she’s going to use him. Standing astride his face, she flaunts her pantyhose gusset and taunts that she controls him with it.

Then she sits down on his face and smothers him with his face buried in her gusset for a long facesit with his arms pinned under her legs. He gets no mercy and she sits fully on his face for nine minutes smothering him as she builds to an orgasm, softly moaning as she cums on his face.

To continue his torment, she sits on a sofa next to him and makes him lick and kiss her patent leather stilettos. As he sits there worshipping her shoes, he can see her pantyhose gusset with white silk panties underneath, right in front of his eyes. When she’s satisfied her shoes are gleaming and he is even more subjugated, she tells him she’s going out and a lovely woman will be calling in to pick up a necklace that she has sold to her at an arranged price of $800. She makes it very clear he must get the payment. Before leaving, she stands in front of him and makes him kiss her on her pussy and her gusset, just because she can.

Later, the jewellery buyer arrives and is quite obviously not a lovely woman as she walks in chewing gum and says, “It’d better be worth the fucking trip over.” She says it will suit her and puts it in her handbag. When he asks for the payment, she knees him in the balls several times, grabs him in a tight headlock, rides him down to the floor and puts him in a tight side headscissor. She’s wearing tiny black panties under sheer pantyhose and she pulls his face into her gusset to smother him while she squeezes his neck. A change to a figure four pulls his face deeper into her gusset which she obviously enjoys.

Next, he’s on his back with this blonde vixen sitting right on his face and his arms tightly pinned inside her thighs. With his face pushing into her pantyhose gusset, he can’t breathe and she laughs at him while she rubs her pussy on his nose. A long facesit follows with an obvious orgasm as she uses him for her pleasure.

When she’s finished, she moves back onto his chest with her knees pinning his arms in a classic bully pin and tightens her hands around his throat, saying let’s negotiate the price. He is terrified of the consequences of not getting the money and says it’s $800. She laughs and says, “I don’t want to pay $800,” then starts to punch him in the face as he moans in pain. “I’m not fucking paying you a thing,” she sneers as she punches his lights out, sitting high on his chest as she does, taunting him all the time. She finishes beating him up with a knockout punch and stands and leaves with the precious necklace.

Minutes later, the front door bursts open and his wife is back saying she just saw the woman leave. He is just coming to and she is furious when it is obvious the necklace has gone with no payment. Angrily, she tightly pins him, tells him she’s going to punish him and sits right on his face to smother him to death!

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videvan 4 months ago

Is less humiliating (to me) to be dominated, subdued and humiliated by an older woman than to be humiliated by a teenager !!!

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videvan 4 months ago

It is a humiliating situation but impossible to avoid. Women are superior and this is an indisputable truth (at least for me)

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