gymnasium 19 May 2022

Lilly Ice - Crushin' Cousins

The always Sexy and Strong looking Lilly is putting the finishing touches on herself, glamming herself up in preparation for her soon to arrive session client; though she's shocked when the guy who shows up is actually her little cousin!! He tries to cool this awkward scene by professing his admiration of her beautiful form (something he's noticed for many years now), finally deciding to commission some time with her; something Lilly isn't sure about, though decides, in the end, to give him a try and treat him like a normal client! The stunning fitness girl then devilishly lures him into her trap, going from cute to crushing in a moment's notice, giving him a series of squeezes and lifts from a body that he's longed after, showing him just how strong his cousin is as she proceeds to beat up senseless, and how unwise it was for him to think about her as anything sexual ever again!

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