ScissorFoxes 25 Feb 2022

Jolene Hexx - Dungeon Slave 2


Things are about to get turned upside down. In the first one, a male slave was tied up in Milady’s basement dungeon and dominated daily for her own pleasure. This time, Jolene is held captive in a concrete dungeon by a group of men who’ve been abusing her and she’s been waiting for the right moment to break out and get her revenge. Well that time is now! As one of the new guards enters the room to give her food, he foolishly unlocks her cuffs. Jolene grabs the fork and jabs it in his side. Her thighs suddenly whip around his neck and her ankles lock in front of him. Now he’s the prisoner. Jolene has incredibly lethal legs and she knows how to use them. She takes full advantage of this moment and decides to really mess him up. Her scissors have his head practically bursting and there’s nothing he can do about it. He almost passes out numerous times. Her smack talk is some of the best and the way she bursts those scissors would have any man begging for his life. Finally, Jolene has had enough of him and snaps his neck repeatedly. As he’s hanging on to his last breaths, she cuffs him and escapes the dungeon. Jolene’s now on a rampage and will show no mercy.

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