Lily 01 Mar 2021

Preview of The Facesitting Doctor


She’s a very sexy doctor in white silk panties who discovers an ideal way to anaesthetise her patient. She pins him to the floor, sits fully on his face with her silky white panty gusset on his nose and mouth and knocks him out!

He’s been brought to the doctor’s surgery by his step-sister because he has a cut on his forehead and it needs treatment. However, he is scared that the doctor will hurt him and tries to get away. The doctor quickly grabs him and wrestles him down to the floor where she sits high on his chest in a schoolgirl pin. She’s very pleased with the result, as his arms are pinned under her knees.

When she tries to treat his injury, he starts to wriggle and protest so she tells him off and tightens up the pin, bringing her thighs in beside his face. She’s wearing a tight skirt which has ridden up and her white silk panties are resting on his chin as she tries again.

Once more he acts like a big baby and writhes around so she sits on his throat to try to immobilise him. As soon as she touches his forehead he resists again, so she moves forward and sits on his face with her thighs holding his head in place in a tight schoolgirl pin facesit.

Again, he resists and she frustratedly tells him she’d like to knock him out but can’t get off him to reach her anaesthetics. So, she puts his arms up by his head and clamps her thighs in a very tight schoolgirl pin and tells him she’s going to sit on his face and knock him out.

Settling herself down with his nose pushing into her pussy and her bottom on his mouth, she wriggles to make a perfect seal so he can’t breathe. He is so tightly pinned that he can’t move and so well smothered that he can’t breathe. She very obviously enjoys looking down into his eyes and watching him fade as her silk panty gusset covers his nose and mouth.

Once he’s out, she works quickly to close the wound and finishes as he starts to wake. Then she says that she’ll just stay sitting on his face for a while as he fully comes round. What a sexy doctor!

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