ScissorFoxes 29 Mar 2022

Duchess Dani - Pressure Gauge: Crushing Comeback


After years of being on scissor hiatus, Duchess Dani makes a crushing comeback and proves once again that her thick strong thighs can take a grown man down. At the beginning, her victim is quite cocky and thinks he can handle her scissors. Duchess Dani smiles at him and quickly changes his tune as she just starts applying a little pressure to his neck. He does his best to endure her power and resist tapping out but the expression on his face says it all. Also, withholding taps is not always a great idea as it can send you off to scissor heaven, a peaceful place to nap between scissors. That’s exactly what happens to him twice, first in a reverse facing her feet then again in a classic reverse where you can actually see his arms flop around. After his second KO, Duchess Dani stands up and says “these thick thighs still got it” while rubbing her legs then strikes a victory pose. Who wants to be next?

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