Lily 15 Oct 2022

I'm Going To Sit On Your Face For The Rest Of Your Life preview


He’s come back to my house after a date and I grabbed him, wrestled him down and tied him to the bed. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s never leaving. Never!

The movie starts with me sitting on his chest taunting him, with my hands tightly wrapped around his throat. He tries to protest and I taunt him then move forward and sit on his face in my soft, silky white panties. And there I stay as I smother him relentlessly until I knock him out. Then I slide back and bring him around and sit straight back on his face again and resume smothering him.

For the entire movie he is helplessly tied to my bed with his face buried in my pussy and bottom, my soft, silky and very damp panty gusset on his nose and mouth. The only time I’m not sitting on his face is when I slide back to wake him up and to taunt him after knocking him out. Then I’m back on his face. I want to keep him like this for as long as I can and today’s the first day.

On one occasion after knocking him out, I slide back and sit on his cock while he wakes up. I laugh at how hard he is and rock my pussy on his cock to tease. Then I move forward and arrange my pussy and bottom on his face so that his nose pushes the damp gusset of my panties into my pussy, making sure he can’t breathe. Of course, with his mouth between my bottom cheeks, he just has to lie there and look up at me as I wriggle on his face and smother him.

At the end of the movie, I replace the duct tape on his mouth, tighten the straps tying him to the bed and sassily tell him to get some rest because I’ll be back soon.

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Roze1467 2 months ago

WHat a lucky man!!!

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