Lily 03 May 2021

Preview of Eliminating an Unfaithful Man


I am an eliminator and I take a phone call from the wife of a wealthy lawyer who has discovered other women’s used panties and pantyhose in his briefcase. She has suspected him of being unfaithful for a while and this is the last straw. She commissions me to scissor and torment him before eliminating him by sitting on his face and smothering him. She also asks me to use the pantyhose from his briefcase around his neck as I do.

I visit him at his office with a false story and flirt with him. He takes the bait and we sit on his sofa. I offer to give him a shoulder massage and stand behind the sofa where I loop a pair of pantyhose around his neck and pull them tight. He tries to struggle so I push my knee into the back of the sofa and lean back tightening the pantyhose until he collapses. I then move onto the arm of the sofa and take him in a rear headscissor and torment him by squeezing his neck tight and covering his mouth with my hands. This double punishment makes his eyes bug out.

Just before he fades out, I push him onto the floor and move along the arm of the sofa and pull his face into my pussy so I can squeeze him in another scissor and smother him at the same time. He is really suffering with his face buried in the gusset of my sheer black pantyhose and my thighs holding him in place. He is extremely groggy when I let him free and push him onto the floor.

Before he can recover, I gag him with the pantyhose that are still around his neck and remove his neck tie and tie his ankles. Then I sit right on his face and wriggle his nose into the gusset of my pantyhose which then pushes into my pussy. A nice long smother follows as I continue his torment. I tell him I’m going to eliminate him by smothering him and stroking his cock to make him orgasm. His wife told me he has a bad heart and the combination of being smothered under my pussy and bottom and his sexual excitement should finish him off.

He is exhausted when I turn around and take him in another reverse head scissorhold with my thighs tightly squeezing his neck and my stilettoed feet locked to maximise the pressure. I taunt him as I gradually tighten my legs and knock him out. He wakes up to me adding different pressure to his neck as I change to a figure four so my leg presses even harder on his throat.

He has no chance and eventually fades out again and I drop his head to the floor. Then I sit on his face in a reverse smother and feel his nose push into my bottom. A very long ass smother follows with me undoing his fly and reaching into his pants and stroking his cock. I feel him getting harder and can hear him desperately trying to breathe as I wriggle my pussy on his face and raise his sexual excitement.

He is hypoxic and moaning while I continue to stroke him and then I turn around and sit forward on his face. You’ll see from the closeup camera that his nose is pushed into the tiny, damp gusset of my silky black pantyhose. I’m determined to finish him now and reach back and stroke him further as I build to an orgasm on his face. I ride his nose as I bring him to the edge and then I take him right over and as I cum on his face he comes in his pants and succumbs to his weak heart and my smothering.

To show my disdain for him, I stuff a pair of the used panties from his briefcase into his mouth and walk out.

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stephen lang
stephen lang 2 months ago

Thank you Lily love all youre vids and what you say while you humiliate the defeated mLE

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Lily 2 months ago

Thank you , Stephen. I do love beating him up and humiliating him. Mmmmm

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wrestle2me 4 months ago

Thank you Lily, at your age(sorry) you are still hot and your acting is also very cool(hot).

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Lily 2 months ago

Thank you, wrestle2me. I'm sorry I didn't pick up your comment when you published it. xxxx

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