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SFD629 Michela vs Adele – Hot teacher vs unruly student: a lesson of another kind!


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Hot school story
There’s nothing that riles up a teacher more than a defiant student with a dreadful attitude. Michela is truly fuming and geared up to serve punk-ass Adele a lesson she won’t forget. Let’s face it, the idea of a sizzling teacher disciplining a misbehaving student is an alluring fantasy, making this video an enticing pick. This isn’t a history lesson on Columbus or Einstein; it’s a monumental thrashing. So, who’s going to come out of this experience with a profound lesson learned?
A grudge lesson
Listen up! Get ready for a lesson that’s bound to leave you hungry for more: severe hairpulling, intense chokes, ruthless scissors in all their variations, degrading facesitting, bone-crushing camel clutches, agonizing chicken wing locks, savage head smashes against both mats and walls, and exquisite belly punching… the list goes on! This is a full-scale catfight where the alluring teacher and the naughty student are determined to assert their dominance and control.
Old-school discipline
Nonetheless, a deadly and visually captivating figure-four leg lock signifies the inception of Adele’s downfall. The following minutes evolve into a nightmarish exhibition of obliteration, punitive actions, and shame. This lesson concludes in a manner reminiscent of the old school: Michela administers a resounding swat with the ruler to both Adele’s hands and ass, serving as a poignant reminder to her unruly student to always show respect to her teachers and exhibit proper conduct. Not eng subs.

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