ScissorFoxes 01 Apr 2022

KO Girl - Destroyer of Men 8


There’s been a lot of comebacks in our last few updates but none have made a larger impact to Girl (or shoud I say GRRRL) power than our friend Kortney Olson aka KO Girl. She’s been an ambassador for strong women for over a decade crushing melons (fruit and human) between her incredibly strong thighs, showcased on Jimmy Kimmel as well as breaking records. She’s also appeared on Stan Lee’s Superhumans where she proved to have a stronger grip than a large python, actually putting her test subject to sleep with a figure-4. We were fortunate to work with her in 2009 and now she’s back on ScissorFoxes representing and ready to be our next Destroyer of Men. Kortney shows off her wrestling skills in this competitive match which is stacked with awesome holds, takedowns and a few shocking surprises. For starter, the first time she pins him down, she notices he’s wearing jewelery so she sucks the ring off of his finger and spits it out. She shows her opponent no mercy and demonstrates exactly why she’s one of the world’s toughest girls. Kourtney has so much fun with this it’s like she never left. She has him tapping at 15% of her strength in some holds. Just to mess with him, she kisses him and then licks his face. Needless to say, Kortney detroys her opponent and completely humiliates him. She’s a total badass and we’re so happy to have her back.

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Builtmorestudios 2 years ago

Great fucking video...

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bobwres 2 years ago

Kortney was such a pretty woman early on, but has recently changed her look with tatoos and shaved hair. Still sexy and a session wrestler I wish I could meet!

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