ScissorFoxes 21 Oct 2022

KO Girl - Worship My Scissors 4


Kortney is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the most powerful women on earth. Her thigh crushing power is legendary and has been broadcasted all over TV and the internet, demonstrating her insane strength. If she’s not crushing watermelons, she’s crushing heads. “Crush all men’s heads” as she puts it in this video. A woman like this should be worshiped at all times. Kortney alternates from making her slave kiss and rub her muscles to squeezing his head like a melon and showing what true power feels like. “I heard men’s tears are a great moisturizer” she jokes as her squeeze toy is rubbing her leg and wiping his tears on his shirt. She then applies a figure-4 and warns him that the last guy she did this to thought he broke his neck. For the grand finale, Kortney gets him against the sofa, does a little booty dance then mounts him, applying a tight reverse headscissors. She tells him to put his hands on her ass so she knows if he passes out. This terrifies him! KO Girl is one of a kind and she will have you worshiping her one way or another.

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