Lily 15 Jan 2021

Preview of Smothered and Bullied at Home, Then at Work


This poor man is dominated, pinned down and face sat by two strong, determined women who both taunt and humiliate him as they sit on his face and smother him.
The first, his wife Mary challenges him when he arrives home with a new computer. “You don’t need that” she says and makes him lie on the floor.

Then Mary spends nearly twenty minutes tightly pinning him and sitting on his face in a tight schoolgirl pin smother, pausing to make him kiss and lick her pantyhose gusset so she can have an orgasm on his face. “Big time CEO are you? Do I care?” she taunts.

He has no chance with her pantyhose covered thighs holding his face tightly and her gusset covering his nose and mouth. She teaches him a lesson, finishing her bullying by tightening up her facesitting schoolgirl pin and sitting fully on his face to knock him out. Before he fades, she tells him to make sure the computer is returned to the shop.
The next day, he’s having a meeting with his secretary and asks her to take the computer back for him. “What the fuck,” she says, “Did your wife tell you to take it back?” Then she teases him mercilessly before agreeing to do him a favour, at a cost.

She’s a sexy, horny secretary so she makes him bury his face in her pantyhose gusset while she sits on the edge of the table, then kiss it too. Then he’s banished to the floor and she stands over him and taunts him as she sits down on his face. She’s wearing silky white panties under sheer black pantyhose with sexy white stockings and garter belt over them. Her gusset fits neatly over his nose and mouth and she sits right on his face and smothers him.

While she has him tightly pinned, she adds to his embarrassment by making him agree to pay her a thousand-dollar bonus, leisurely counting from $100 up as she smothers him. Sitting on his face and depriving him of air is an obvious turn-on for her and she uses his face to build up a delicious orgasm wriggling her pussy on his nose as she does.

She finishes her little bit of facesitting coercion by telling him she’ll take the rest of the day off after she returns his computer.

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Casey 11 months ago

This is so awesome to be beat up by Lily and pinned down underneath her skirts.

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stephen lang
stephen lang 2 years ago

There is nothing better then being beaten and humoilated by a English girl i no how it feels. Thank you Lily the English girl who beat me and humiliated me her name is Georgia i was 19 Geogia she was 18 that started my love for femdom

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Lily 2 years ago

That's a cool, sexy memory, Stephen. xxxx

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2 years ago

I was 18, 5'6", 125 lb. He was 21 and about 6' tall. I did judo, he didn't. He didn't like it and I never saw him again.

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stephen lang
stephen lang 3 years ago

Wish i was him

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Lily 3 years ago


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