dadd90 27 Dec 2021

Angel of H.E.A.T (1983): Opening Credits

Tags: karate

A mad scientist uses an army of androids and a device that can disintegrate metal to try to steal microchips containing top secret information. The government dispatches a beautiful female agent to stop him.
A “soft-core” vehicle for Marilyn Chambers, the movie fails in the MvF fight department. We do, however, have the opening credits which showcase Ms. Chambers doing what looks like a kata routine in the nude.

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MrsPeelURNeeded 5 months ago

Thanks, Dadd. I was gonna mention this movie as being one I recall pretty well. Seems like Ms. Chambers showed some surprising athleticism and fighting skill in this movie. Kinda like some of the stuff that Tracy Lords did to become more than just a porn star. Looking forward to a couple more scenes from this!

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dadd90 5 months ago

MrsPeelURNeeded. I'll have to see if there are any actual MvF fights in this film. While it has been ages since I've watch the whole movie, I don't remember there being any.

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