viper01 23 Jan 2022

the queen of house2 -chloe


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wrestlingfan7 4 months ago

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but the ending of this series is not conclusive (queen of hose 6 is the last commonly available video that people seem to have when it comes to this match). There is a queen of hose 7 out there somewhere which I've been looking for but have never found. It has either never been uploaded by any user who happens to have it in their possession or it has never been released by the Lusa website in the first place. However, I don't think its possible that lusa never released it since I was able to verify that it had been released at some point on the pantyohse fighting website (released 12/02/10) when I checked the wayback machine (which stores screenshots of websites in the past giving one the ability to check past activity of a website). I was only able to verify this after looking through dozens of past lusa website screenshots and came across it being advertised on as a release. And obviously, now that Lusa Ent is closed, theres really no way to purchase these videos from them the way we might have 10 years ago when they were still active. An entire set of Chloe videos along with it which might never see the light of day again. If anyone out there has "The queen of hose 7", please help us peasants by assisting us with this legendary final part of the video so that we can witness the ending to this match and finally feel at peace. I for one will try my best to help you out with anything Chloe related.

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