ScissorFoxes 23 Feb 2021

Savannah Fox - Scissor Orgasm 2


If you thought Savannah’s first date was HOT and orgasmic, wait until you see what she does on her second. Scissor Orgasm is one of our all time best sellers so you obviously want to see more right? Well strap yourselves in for this ride because you may not be ready for what you’re about to experience. After finally convincing Shawn to come on a second date and promising him not to be so aggressive, she does the complete opposite. After a little foreplay, her urges take over and she starts riding his face and neck like it’s a bull at the rodeo. Her ass and thighs smother and engulfs him as she aims for multiple orgasms at his expense. He can barely handle her power but as he learned the last time, resisting only makes things worse. Her facesitting and scissors are beyond erotic. The vibrations from his screams only intensify the rush which make her squeeze and grind even harder and harder and HARDER! Savannah’s explosions will certainly get you hot. After her last orgasm, she knocks him out with a reverse headscissor. You don’t want to miss this!

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